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There are two types of lockers in use:

1. Smaller PC lockers- for students in Year 4-Year 6.

These smaller lockers are primarily used to store mobile phones securely during the day and laptops (each student from Year 5 has brings their own laptop) safely if left over night. These lockers are in the classroom and will be assigned to the student free of charge, however, students are to provide their own pad-lock.

2. Larger lockers- for students in Year 7- Year 11
The school offers larger school-lockers (40x40x50) for text books, bike helmet and personal items on a rental basis in co-operation with

When you enrol you will receive information about how to hire one of these lockers. Arrangements are usually made in June each year. You will receive a locker in the vicinity of your child's classroom along with the combination for the lock. Payment is made directly to via Dankort.

For questions, please contact: or 31 19 25 99 

Please download more information about lockers in the academic year 2019/20 here.