International Department

1 January 2019

School fees  (11 months)

Year 1 - 6:    2,800 kr                                                                                           
Year 7 - 9:    3,325 kr
Year 10 - 11:  3,650 kr


SFO -After School Activities (12 months)

Year 1-Year 4:  1,549 kr


Registration Fee

A non-refundable processing fee of  500 DKK is payable at the time of registration.


Refundable Deposit: (two-months fees)

There is a two-month refundable deposit payable when starting in the International Department. The deposit will be refunded in full, once all outstandings have been cleared when a student is leaving, and after receiving a two-month notice of withdrawal. The introduction of this deposit is in response to increased pressure on school places and to help us ensure that we are given adequate notice of withdrawal from the students to ensure we can forecast and plan appropriately.


Sibling discount:

70 DKK for 2nd child at school
80 DKK for 3rd child at school
Free for 4th child at school

A sibling discount is provided for children of the same family and living at the same address. The discount is allocated automatically, such that the eldest child is number 1, next eldest is child number 2 etc.


Special Grant/Subsidies:

Obtaining a grant is based on means testing.
The grant for school fees/SFO fees has to be applied for each year on a special form, which can be obtained from our website by the end of May.


Transport allowances
Transport allowances are given to students as per the following criteria:

Year 5 to Year 7 - minimum distance of  6 km between home and school
Year 8 to Year 9 - minimum distance 7 km between home and school
Year 10 to Year 11 - minimum  distance 10 km between home and school

The allowance is  50 kr per month from October to June. The amount is deducted from the school fees in October, or from the time hereafter that the application is approved. The application is sent to the administrative office.