Enrolment Procedure

Parents who wish to enrol their child, or to be in the waiting-pool for the International Department at Skt. Josef’s School should do the following:

1. Register

  • Please complete the registration form

  • Pay the registration fee of DKK 500

  • (NB. The payment is a one off payment, which is non-refundable, even if the child is not offered a place)

  • Upon receipt of the registration form and the fee, the child will automatically be entered into the waiting-pool.

  • Skt. Josef’s School will contact you if a place is available. If there is no available place, then the child will remain in the waiting-pool, and the school will contact you when a space becomes available.

2. Interview

  • Upon an available space, you will be invited to an enrolment interview. Please bring your child along with you if possible with recent school reports. Based on the dialogue, we will then offer you a place if our school is considered suitable for your child.

3. Offer

  • A letter of confirmation with an offer of a place will be sent directly to you. We will require confirmation that you accept the offer, as well as the payment of deposit and school fees.

We run two separate wait lists at Skt. Josef’s. One for the International Department, the ‘waiting-pool’, and one for the Danish Department. It is possible to put a child down on both lists, but this would require two separate enrolments. An offer of a place in one department cannot be transferred to another department.

UPDATE ON AVAILABLE SPACES FOR 2019/20 - June 2019* We are in the process of sending out offers for next academic year, so the list below is not 100% correct at this time.

Year 1: Closed

Year 2: Closed

Year 3: limited places

Year 4: limited places

Year 5: Closed

Year 6: limited places

Year 7: Closed

Year 8: limited places

Year 9: places available

Year 10: Closed

Year 11: closed

Year 1 for August 2019: Offers have been sent.

*The above information is a guide only. availability is determined in accordance with our enrolment policy and priority criteria.


If you have any question regarding enrolment,