Skt. Josef's School Structure

Artboard 102 copyDanske grundskole klasser Børnehaveklasse 0.A, 0.B 1.A, 1.B 2.A, 2.B 3.A, 3.B 4.A, 4.B, 4.C 5.A, 5.B 6.A, 6.B, 6.C 7.A, 7.B, 7.C, 7.D 8.A, 8.B, 8.C, 8.D 9.A, 9.B, 9.C, 9.D 10. klasse 10. X1,X2 SFO 7.i 8.i 9.i Danske grundskole klasser + Cambridge IGCSE International School Cambridge IGCSE Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 After School Programme (SFO) Indskoling Mellemtrin Overbygning + 10. årg. Year 10 Year 11 Primary Talent TeamsScience Writers Club Year 6 10. klasse 10.i SecondaryIGCSE


Skt. Josef’s School has two systems sharing one campus, The International Department and the Danish Department. Within the international school, the curriculum come from Cambridge International Education, which is used in over 10,000 schools worldwide.

All classroom instruction takes place in English, in all subjects (except Danish and other foreign languages) and is taught by English speaking teachers.

There is also a minimum of two lessons Danish lessons, required by law, in all international classes. Follow the link for more information on Danish in the International.

Children start at 5 years old in Year 1 and finish at around 16 years old in Year 11 after completing the IGCSE exams.


The Danish School follows the Danish Ministry of Education curriculum and complete exam at the completion of the 9th class.

Danish students start at 6 years old.


In the Danish 7th, 8th and 9th classes there is a special line called i-classes. These classes follow normal Danish curriculum taught in Danish plus two additions Cambridge subjects, which are taught in English. Read more here.

10th class

The 10th class offers a range of subjects that students choose and acts as a gap or transition year before students move on to gymnasium or other high schooling. Read more here.

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