Board of Governors

Skt. Josef's School is a self-governing institution with a board that consists of three elected members and four appointed by the church.

The three elected members are parents that are elected for two years. The election takes place during the at the Forældreforeningen (Parent Association) general meeting.
The four appointed members comprise of one from Skt. Laurentii Church Council, and three appointed by the Catholic bishop in Copenhagen.

All parents with children at school are automatically included in the Forældreforeningen.

Board of Governors 2018

Simon Gjedde
Appointed by the bishop

Kristian Sund
Vice Chairman
Parent elected
Chairman of the Forældreforeningen (Parents' Association Board)

Annette Brødsgaard
Appointed by Skt. Laurentii church council

Rikke Rauff Bune
Parent elected
Member of the Forældreforeningen

John Munro
Appointed by the bishop

Dorrit Lisa Kromann
Parent Elected
Member of the Forældreforeningen

Jair Nicolini
Appointed by the bishop

Thorsten Dyngby
School Principal
Secretary of the Board - without voting rights